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Raindrops On Roses

And whiskers on kittens...You know the rest.

Hello and welcome to another blog post by yours truly! It's been about two weeks since we've checked in, and boy am I a happy camper! With nearly double the Instagram followers, a bit more interaction through the YouTube channel, and an amazing show out of support from a Sailor Moon Facebook Group, we are really feeling the Scout Vibes this week.

We have some exciting stuff on the horizon to look out for, the most exciting being the continuation of Moon Star: A Sailor Moon Podcast. As production on this love letter to the series continues, we strive to improve episode by episode and thus far believe we have been doing just that!

Some more structure to the show will surface in Episode 3, along with some exciting Official Announcements!

Aside from all the SM hubbub, we are also happily progressing in our Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons journey as well. Some very cool collectibles have been identified and marked as, what we hope to be, future inventory. Additionally Sunshine Farm Entertainment will be launching its first official Twitch Streamer very soon, as well as begin production on Let's Play videos. Keep your eyes peeled for SundaeLove2000! Instagram below.

Everything else aside, I just have to take this moment to appreciate what it feels like to watch the seeds I have been planting begin to grow. The process has been filled with hard, but rewarding work, and has already begun to fill my life with enough joy that I have more than I need to continue the everlasting fight against the Negaverse.

It's a crazy world out there, but all we can do is our best. Stay strong, Scouts.

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