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New Seeds - Sunshine Farm Entertainment

A week or more into this adventure, and we couldn't be more please with our progress. As it currently stands, about 25% of our current inventory is actually listed on the website. It's a long process getting everything uploaded with the appropriate pictures, and all of the options we want to include, but it's important that this is done correctly.

The work is actually quite fun, and has turned into a much better use of free time. Additionally we have expanded the abilities of our business to include a new branch: Sunshine Farm Entertainment.

Sunshine Farm Entertainment will, first and foremost, be the the home of all SFC & SFE Original Content. Additionally, we are looking for talent to join the family.

The Idea: As we proceed through learning how to create, edit, and distribute our own media, we would like to help other aspiring creatives do the same.

Being a part of our family would mean that we walk you through all the steps it takes to set up and produce your own podcast. That includes finding a hosting service, how to actually record and edit your first podcast, then important things to know about uploading and distribution. Your content will also have a home on our website, and if you choose not to set up your own YouTube channel, it will have a home on ours with links to your podcast feed in the description.

Sunshine Farm Entertainment will also be creating its own Podcast Network in the near future. We are happy to be the home of your current podcast or new creation as soon as everything is up and running.

The intention and preference is that other creators also be on the spectrum, but all are welcome to submit their work. Ultimately, it's all about chemistry, your vision, and your work ethic.

To let us know you'd like to be a part of the team, fill out the form on our home page.

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